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The hard stuff is the easy stuff and the soft stuff is the hard stuff...

How much jargon have you busted today?

Here are a selection of the best videos from the web containing jargon, gobbledygook and corporate buzzwords.  Some are intentionally funny, some are painful to watch, whilst others will make you put your head in your hands.  Enjoy!


Latest Jargon Video

Hilarious Chrysler Dealership Training Video

RSA Broker Promise - Blue Sky Thinking

Taking the PISS

How not to network - don’t talk jargon

Organizational Culture Gap - Mr Yoshimoto Oikawa

Cross Training Missionaries - Johari Window

James UK Apprentice Jargon CV

I am an employee branding consultant

Sky News Office Jargon

Parody of Corporate Video

Consulting Paradise

Office Jargon

A day in the life of an analyst

Corporate Jargon

Working with Consultants

Consulting 101

Management Consultant v Investment Banker

Jargon Nation - Why can’t Jack speak?

Jargon 1

Don’t be that guy

The Generic Consultant

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