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The hard stuff is the easy stuff and the soft stuff is the hard stuff...

How much jargon have you busted today?

Hi, I am Cheesey the ‘Organistional Development’ Burger. I am a strategic thinker who likes to ‘join up the dots’, ‘close the open loops’ and instigate ‘behaviour change’ wherever I go.


People ask me what OD does? I say that if all you ever eat is a cheeseburger, and you don’t try other kinds of fast food, you could be missing out on a Big Mac or a Whopper which would deliver so much more satisfaction. OD is about pushing the boundaries and making the interventions.


I have problems with tangible work, so I will look after posting video links on showing how important it is to start that journey and have that conversation.

My Home Made Videos:
The Re-organisation
Jargon videos
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