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The hard stuff is the easy stuff and the soft stuff is the hard stuff...

How much jargon have you busted today?

Welcome to the launch of Busted Jargon which will provide the ultimate guide to the world of jargon which so many talentless managers like Coco the Clown hide behind when, they can’t answer the question or use Plain English (sorry!).


Simply click on any of the jargon phrases on the left to discover what the busted jargon really is!


We are starting with general office jargon (with a public sector twist) - the sort of nonsense that appears all too frequently in emails, presentations and staff meetings. We will expand the Busted Jargon section of the site to cover other industries / professions and we need your help. What jargon do you want to bust? Let us know by completing the box below and you could receive the Buster Of The Week award!





Advice please

A few thoughts

As appropriate

Ball park figure


Blind copy

Blue skies / Blue skies review

Bottoming out

Breaking down silos


Bring forward (BF)

Buy into

Change Management

CCing (as in “can you cc me into that?”)

Close of play (COP)

Comprehensive review

Consultation document


Core script

Cross-cutting issues

Delivery / deliver


Director General


Draft please


Factoring In (as in “Can you factor that in?”)

Final draft

For information

Full and frank exchange of views

Get a steer on that (from you)

Happy to discuss

Holding reply

Hope this is helpful

In a timely manner

In due course

Inclined to look favourably upon...

Information management

Interested in your views

Interim report


Its not rocket science

Joined up thinking

Kick into the long grass

Let’s drill down into this issue

Loop (as in “in the loop” or “not fully in the loop”)

Management initiatives

Media handling strategy

Menu of options


Minded to think about

New ways of working

On board (or not on board)

On the back burner

Park it


Pilot/Project Scheme

Plain English

Please deal

Please do not hesitate to contact me

Propriety issues



Quick Win

Raft of measures

(I have) Reservations

Resource implications


Root and branch reform


Run it past (you)

Seed it

Seeking your agreement

Spending review

Spin (“Spin doctoring”)

Strategic co-ordinating unit

Strategic Overview

Strategic review

Subject to review


Take forward

Target audience

Take soundings

Thank you for bringing this to my attention

Thinking out of the box

Timing: Routine

Timing: Urgent

Timing: Immediate


Toothpaste is already out of the tube

Touch base


Treat official


Under constant review

Up to speed (as in “are you up to speed?”)


Vision (or “the vision thing”)

Watching brief

We spoke

Welcome views

Work-life balance

Work it through

Working group

You may recall

You may wish to consider

You will recall that

You will wish to be aware

You should be aware